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About Redden Outfitters

Kids love bowfishing too!

Redden Outfitters of Western Kentucky is a family run hunting camp that strives to make your hunt successful and enjoyable.
Our goal is to make memories of a lifetime and put trophies on your walls.
We have hunted these family farms all of our lives and know where the deer travel. We use this knowledge to insure your success.

Kentucky is one of the best states for providing B&C bucks in the last 10 years.

Dennis will be in the camp at all times to make sure everything possible is done to make your hunt a success.

Hunting and fishing are sports that can make for great family outings. Our services are available for your entire family. There is no greater bonding experience than being outdoors and sharing in the fun and excitement of the hunt.

Bowfishing for all ages

Dennis Redden, hunting and fishing guide in West Kwntucky

Who will you be hunting or fishing with?
Dennis Redden was born and raised in Western Kentucky and has hunted and fished in the area since childhood.
As an adult, Dennis expanded his hunting and fishing adventures; taking him to places including all if the western states, four providences in Canada, and as far as New Zealand and South Africa.

He was the co-host of the award winning tv show Backwoods Bloodline and is part of the AMS Pro Staff Team.
He's won numerous tournaments to include:
*BAA World Champion - 1st, 3rd, 5th places
*2 time North v. South Champion
*Campbell's Outdoor Challenge - 1st, 2nd, 3rd places
*AMS Big 30 - 2nd place
*Story's Total Weight Asian Tournament - 1st, 3rd places
*Cajun 8 Tournament - 3rd place
*All Out CarpOut - 1st, 2nd, 3rd places.
Dennis also holds the current world record for his small mouth Buffalo catch, weighing in at 90.1 lbs.

and if you need any bow work done, Dennis is also a bow technician.

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