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Bowfishing on Kentucky and Barkley Lakes and
Ohio, Tennessee, and Cumberland Rivers.

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Bowfishing Guide Services

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Bowfishing: A Sport Full of Thrills and Adventures
Bowfishing is an exciting outdoor activity for thrill-seekers because it brings together two of the most thrilling pastimes: archery and fishing. With its unique combination of talent, precision, and a little adrenaline, this sport has taken the world by storm. Come along as we discover the thrills and excitement that bowfishing has to offer.

Bowfishing is a novel take on the sport of fishing that adds excitement and challenge to the activity. Anglers in freshwater and coastal areas use customized bows and arrows to catch fish, rather than a fishing rod. The joy of hunting underwater targets with your arrows is amplified when combined with your knowledge of archery.

Learning to Aim Precisely: Bowfishing is a Sport That Requires Practice and Skill. As a fisherman, you'll need to account for the way water bends light before firing. Over time, you'll hone your archery skills and revel in the thrill of consistently hitting your target. It's exciting and satisfying to make a shot after trying a few times.

The thrill of discovering uncharted regions is a major draw for many bowfishing enthusiasts. Bowfishing may take you to a wide variety of beautiful places, from inland lakes and rivers to coastal areas and ocean reefs. It's a chance to get outside and try your hand at something exciting and physically demanding.

Bowfishing allows you to pursue a wide variety of fish species. Carp, alligator gar, catfish, tilapia, and many others could be found in your area, depending on where you happen to be. Because of the unique obstacles presented by various species, no two bowfishing expeditions are ever the same.

Adding to the fun and adrenaline is the fact that bowfishing is frequently done in groups or with friends. The social aspect of tracking, aiming, and shooting together makes for a more memorable experience. It's a chance to make experiences that will last a lifetime and strengthen friendships with like-minded people.

Julie got a little excited over this big head catch.. Watch..

Dennis is a top notch guide/individual. With years of experience on the local waterways you can bet that Dennis knows where the fish are hanging out. His goal is to put a smile on your face and to show you what the sport of bowfishing is all about. You can't go wrong with Redden Outfitters for a bowfishing trip you will never forget."
~AMS Bowfishing

NOTE: If you run across any websites or other instances where our trip rate
differs from that mentioned below, please let us know.

Our rate for a night on the water (from dark til 2:am) is $500.
The trip includes the boat and all equipment, so all you do is show up.
There is a maximum of 4 people.
If the weather is warm, we're ready to shoot!
For questions or more information about available dates
give Dennis a call at: 270-252-5734 or email:

Even the ladies love to go bowfishing

Bowfishing in Kentucky is a way of life for the Redden family. Guiding or not, we are on the water 4 or 5 nights a week all summer long. We keep a close tab on where the fish are located so we can take you to them. We shoot on Kentucky and Barkley lakes and on the Ohio, Tennessee, and Cumberland Rivers.

Read some of our bowfishing reviews:

I've been hunting and fishing with Dennis many times. He is as good as it gets. His attention to detail is what makes him great! Lots of fun to spend time with. A true man of the outdoors. Can't wait to go again!
Jeff Ruddler

First class all the way. Dennis is on the water almost every single night keeping up with the fish so you can experience a great night of bowfishing. I've been going out with Dennis for the past 10 years and there's a reason why I make the 9 hour drive, because Dennis puts me on fish. Great guy, great guide, and great bowfishing. Redden Outfitters all the way!!
Mathew Schillinger

We had a fantastic time bowfishing with Redden Outfitters! So many bigheads, flying carp and grassies! Dennis Redden is a class act! Cannot wait to go back!
Jana Waller

Bowfishing is for the whole family

Bowfishing isn't just for the guys. We've had a number of ladies hauling in some nice catches. and we've had entire families join in on the fun as well. If any of you ladies would like to try out a bit of Kentucky bowfishing just give us a call and we'll set it up.. and remember.. we provide all of the equipment..

Redden Outfitter's bowfishing boat

Dennis redden is the man for putting you on fish. His friendly nature and southern hospitality makes you enter as clients but leave as friends. No better guide in Kentucky!
Taylor Eicher

I have been bowfishing for years and have never shot so many times in one night. Dennis had us on more fish than we could pull the bow back. My son and me had the time of our lives and I actually felt pampered. We didnt even get dirty or stinky. Dennis explained everything to us before we started so we knew what was going on, we just wasnt ready for all of the action. We brought along our own equipment and as luck would have it experienced mechanical failure. Dennis was right there with his setups so we lost only seconds of time instead of a total disaster. So if you're looking for the ultimate family time or after dark excitement, DENNIS IS DA MAN. You will not regret it.
Sharon Trame

If you're looking for a great Bowfishing experience, Dennis Redden is your man. I've been out on the water with Dennis many times and he has always had us in good numbers of fish. Will definitely go with him again!! 5 stars!!!!
Tony Dempsey

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